Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Parade of National Costumes

Click here to see the photos of this year's Miss Universe 2011 National Costumes.

From the biggest to the smallest head dresses, from the sexiest to the bulkiest robes and gowns; we might all eager to witness this. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Miss Universe 2011 Parade of National Costumes.

The 89 lovely and stunning candidates of this year’s Miss Universe 2011 will showcase their national costumes at the opening of the pageant. The Costumes will be based on their belief, traditions, folkways and art among their natives and country. Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online and be grateful to have these women in the most prestigious and incredible of all pageant, the Miss Universe Pageant.

These ladies will advocate something better and something good this year, they will show their humility and proper etiquette to one another and from that they will choose the Miss Congeniality Award. Last year, Jesinta Campbell, Miss Universe 2010 2nd runner-up of Australia owned that award.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online and know the result of which. See yah.

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