Friday, July 22, 2011

Watch Miss Supranational 2011 this coming August 27, 2011.

This year, 2011. Miss Supranational 2011 Pageant is going to the Heart of Europe and from there; to crown the new queen of the new era. Miss Supranational 2011 the third installment of its search for beauty and brains will showcase everything this coming 27th.

83 is the expected countries to sent their representative. From that circle of 83 contestants; Miss Supranational 2011 winner will rise. Who would that be? In the past two years, Miss Supranational 2011 is successful enough to crown the first two countries who victoriously won the pageant. Ukraine and Panama consecutively won the pageant and become the two pioneers of the crown. Who among the candidates will join the three?

Watch Miss Supranational 2011 Live Streaming this coming 27th of August 2011. Let us witness the beauty of the different candidates and let us know the culture and the beauty of the host country, Opole Poland.

Here are the photos of Opole Poland (host country


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