Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watch Miss USA 2011 Pageant Live Stream Online

Watch Miss USA 2011 Pageant Live only at

Just as she returns to her image of a mere commoner, Rima Fakih is trying to accumulate as much ‘words’ as she can in the last hours of her reign as Miss USA. The beautiful lady may have been advised of the pageant protocols, she always ensured she is breaking some of them!

But she did that while keeping some alibis around herself. Paula Shugart, the president of Miss Universe Organization, recently divulged – she had gone through the surveillance tapes from the Manhattan apartment – that Fakih one night partied in for long, and returned at 4 a.m. the next morning. We may be looking forward to catching the Miss USA 2011 live stream this weekend quite earnestly, but Fakih’s little escapades are already wadding us with doses of excitement, that may leave us in expectation of more hoopla with the new Miss USA.

Fakih will pass her tiara to the Miss USA 2011 on June 19, and all but Shugart would be hoping that the soon-to-be over ordeal-like year doesn’t ever come back again, while the new pageants continue to come and go. She did sentence out some diplomatic lines when she maintained that Rima Fakih gives her 100% at everything she does. And while we would be enjoying the sight of svelte beauties, someone quite skilled in other fields would also dance the Miss USA stage. Brittany N. Poteet is a 23-year-old Dominion nuclear engineer – she is also the reigning Miss Virginia USA – who would be competing for the Miss USA 2011.
If the crown fits her head, she will move on to participate for the Miss Universe title. Having already won a beauty pageant would appear to work in favor of Poteet, but one can never bank upon it. Poteet knows this and so is preparing hard for the event.

Well, watch Miss USA 2011 online in case you end up missing the event, which is highly unlikely!

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