Saturday, October 23, 2010

Miss World 2010 Live!

It has been a long journey when the crews and stuff of Miss World organization decided if where and when is the exact location and time of the big and most awaited event in pageantry.
and now is the time to reveal its final updates, informations and believe it or not the early favorites among 112 candidates online.

October 30 of this year 2010. Sanya, Peoples republic in china, a devastating event will happen and the Chinese people are eager to cheer the best of these year's candidates. Reminiscing the History of Miss World Pageant, Miss World 2010 listed the second highest number of contestants since 1994 made it to the peak.

Among the 112 candidates, Miss Greece, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Botswana And Philippines were the made it to the top favorites as of 12th day of October.

Will one of them could made it to grab the title and the crown way back to their home?
Could it be possible that one of them may successfully throw thy words to the world and prove that her race is one of a kind. Proudly embracing such title and throne to sheer the world what's in her that she made it.

Proudly standing in front of them baring the crown and said " I am the ambassador of goodwill, peace and order".

As of Now I can't wait to Watch Miss World 2010 Pageant. Join these candidates as they made their best catwalk ever on the stage of China Live. Miss World 2010 Live.

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