Friday, May 7, 2010

Tara Hoyos-Martinez (Miss Great Britain)

Birth name: Tara Hoyos-Martinez
Birth date: 1990 (age 19)
Birthplace: London
Eye color:
Hair color:
Title(s): Miss Great Britain Universe 2010

Tara Martinez is a 19-year-old born and bred Londoner. She is currently studying Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Initially, once she has finished her Bachelor of Sciences degree, she has it in mind to pursue a post-graduate course in Medicine, with a vision to specializing in surgery.
And one of her main objectives for this choice in career is to be able to improve the health service in less-developed countries and make it more readily to those less fortunate. She is a very humble and loving, yet ambitious and extroverted person with a lot of integrity and drive to succeed. She is very passionate about making a stand for strong, determined, like-minded woman.
She considers herself a well-rounded individual with her interests including dance and theatre, as well as literature, science and global affairs. She loves to learn, not only of intellectual matters but also about people and society; another quality she believes fundamental for any potential role model is the ability to cultivate a life for you around strong moral values of foundations. Her parents taught her this and she is eternally grateful to them. It is with these principles that she was inspired to take part in the Miss Universe GB contest, as she believes it will give her an amazing platform on which she can fulfill her aspirations of caring aiding those who require it. More photos of Miss Universe GB 2010, Tara Hoyos-Martinez.

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